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Who we are

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The team

The Greening Lease team has many years of (international) experience in the field of sustainable energy, project financing, and equipment lease. They are ready to assist you with all their knowledge.

Greening Energy Lease Solutions

Greening Energy Lease Solutions is a young Dutch company that is dedicated to the financing of projects in the field of sustainable energy production, energy savings, and energy recovery.  We primarily focus on corporate structures, institutions, and (semi) government organizations.

By offering smart finance solutions, Greening Lease aims to not only make a positive contribution to the carbon footprint of its customers, but also to improve their financial returns.

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Financing your heat pump system

You, as a company, institution or government organization are able to lease your heat pump installation through Greening Lease. You will thereby achieve the desired energy and cost savings without having to raise your investment budget or working capital.

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